The Eye Examination

Our eye examination covers the 14 points of vision:

  • Visual Acuities - This portion of the exam determines how you are seeing when you first come into our office
  • Pupils - making sure they react (dilate) equally when exposed to varying light conditions.
  • Extra Ocular Muscles - testing that eyes have full range of motion
  • Standard Visual Field - test for blind spots
  • Convergence - looking to see if eyes turn in when focusing up close.
  • Accomodation - ability for eyes to change focus at different levels (Example: ability to move from distance vision to near vision without strain.)
  • Tonometry - checking for pressures in the eye (standard glaucoma test)
  • Color vision - checking for color deficiency
  • Depth Perception - ability to see in three dimensions
  • Strabismus - checking alignment of eyes, making sure they work together.
  • Slit Lamp - determining the health of the front part of your eye
  • Fundus Health - Evaluation of the fundus (back part of your eye), looking for signs of deteriotoration such as macular degeneration or glaucoma.
  • Corneal Shape - checking the curvature of the front part of your eye.
  • Refraction - determing the glasses prescription.

Contact Lens Fitting

Our doctors are experts at fitting all types of contact lenses. We specialize in fitting of Toric, Multi-Focal, Rigid Gas Permeable and custom made contacts such as SynergEyes. If you have never worn contact lenses before, or even if your have worn them for years, the doctors and opticians at the Eyecare Place can work with you to find the perfect contact lens!

Optional Tests

In addition to our already extensive eye exam, we offer tests to further determine the health of your eyes. You have the ability to pre-asses your risks for developing vision hindering diseases before deciding to accept these tests.

Visual Field Test - This test is offered to help screen your peripheral vision, focus, and sensitivity to light. It is recommended for patients that have issues with floaters, noticeable blind spots in their vision, or have been diagnosed with diabetes, glaucoma, or have had a stroke.

Digital Retinal Photograph - This test is offered to acheive a more thorough medical analysis of your eye. The photograph will allow the doctor to observe your retina (the back of your eye) and help with detecting and diagnosing any diseases. This test is recommended to monitor the health of your retina every 1- 2 years, for patients who have a family history of eye health issues, have a strong glasses prescription, or have good vision in only one eye.

Macular Degeneration Test - Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in adults globally, and this test is offered to help determine your risk level for developing this disease. It is recommended that patients who smoke, have excessive exposure to the sun, or who have a family history of this disease to have this test performed. Please visit for more information.

Pre and Post Operative Care

If you are considering LASIK or cataract surgery, the doctors at the Eyecare Place are qualified to manage your pre and post operative care. We are in partnership with leading opthamologists in the local area to make your eye surgery effortless to you.

Optical Dispensary

Our office is filled with highly trained and certified staff, willing to help you find the perfect pair of glasses that suit all of your eyewear needs and wants.

We accept most insurance plans including VSP, Eyemed, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare and Humana.

We have over 1,000 frames to chose from and prices that can fit any budget.

XXL Ray Ban
Swarovski Marie Claire
Carrera Jones New York
Nike Modern
Pepe Jean BMEC
Hacket Vogue
Harley Davidson Christian LaCroix
Liberty Sport ZooBug
Esquire Armani Exchange
Helium Enhance


We also offer 1 HOUR SERVICE on most lenses! See store associate for details.

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